11th November 2016

No siempre llevan ellos las riendas

Carta al Director. No siempre llevan ellos las riendas Viernes, 07 de Octubre de 2016 06:30 By Carmen Hermosín Román Opinión. En un mundo primordialmente dominado […]
30th October 2016

IBERIA offers a 10% discount on flights to SICAB

FLIGHTS TO SICAB 2016 By Carmen Hermosín Román ANCCE, the organizers of #SICAB16, the International PRE Trade Fair, has renewed its collaboration agreement with IBERIA as […]
30th October 2016

Purebred Spanish Horse Conformation

Purebred Spanish Horse Conformation-Functional Competitions: a Useful Tool for Selection?” SICAB´s Specialists in Rules & Regulations and judging PREs at Conformation Competitions met together; “Conformation Competitions […]
31st July 2016

Visit to the Natural Park

VISIT THE NATURAL PARK LOS ALCORNOCALES. CADIZ .SPAIN To complete your visit to the Nature Park, you should take a walk around the local towns and […]