Your Spanish Getaway. Horse ride in Andalusia.

By Carmen Hermosin.

Your Spanish Getaway. Horse ride in Andalusia.


Prepare yourself for a  travel and Embark  yourself on an adventure completely out of your  comfort zone.

Prepare for traveling alone, submerg yourself in the Spanish culture, meet and travel with strangers that would surely soon become friends.

IF YOU ARE exhausted from full-time work. IF YOUR schedules is overwhelming, with your boss, couple , your kids… or whatever… other  activities. You need to escape!



Get a sense of empowerment through your travel!. It would be an experience that  you  will never forget. This experience will  rejuvenate your soul, energize your mind, and let you come home refreshed. It is something that you will be happy to have been a part of and something that you surely will recommend to others.

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