By Carmen Hermosín

Hundreds of thousands of people meet together to live in direct the legendary race. In the morning of May 2nd Caravaca celebrates the Caballos del Vino (Wine Horses), the big day of the fiestas. Caravaca de la Cruz parades and gallops from May 1st to May 5th celebrating one of the most outstanding fiestas of the year, the fiestas of the Santísima y Vera Cruz. Its declaration as International Tourist Interest is absolutely justified. For five days of uninterrupted entertainment, the locality is bursting with vitality,

People meet together to live in direct the legendary race. in an intense gallop that finishes at the open area of the Castle. This race recalls an incredible event that happened 700 years ago. According to legend, when the Muslims besieged the castle of the sacred city, a group of templars was able to break the siege, introduce saddlebags full of wine with the aid of their horses and prevent the population from dying because of the poisoned water that the enemies had used to contaminate tanks.

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