Jimena de la Frontera Horse Rides



By Carmen Hermosín

ANDALUSIAN HORSE RIDING invites you to discover one of the most beautiful landscapes on horseback. JIMENA DE LA FRONTERA in the Natural Park LOS ALCORNOCALES.

The historical, white village of Jimena de la Frontera is located inland Cadiz Province. Affording superb views to the coast and stunning countryside.The countryside around Jimena is as beautiful as it is varied. … While it is possible to drive up to the highest point and visit the castle and feel the fredoom in the top of the hill.

the most beautiful relaxed settings are waiting you!


Cheval   馬  Pferd  Kôň  лошадь

Kalë  ձին  ঘোড়া  конь  konj  кон  kůň  马  馬  අශ්වයායි  말  hest

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