By Carmen Hermosín.

Looking for a a transit stable while travelling with your horse? We have a Horse Motel. Accommodation for your horse and for you. You decide the place to visit in Spain. ANDALUSIAN HORSE MOTELS are available everywhere. Just think about the perfect destination in Spain!
Whether you are looking for a stable for one night, a livery yard for a week, or a paddock for a month, Andalusian Horse Riding offers you the services according to  your needs.


If you’re traveling and need lodging for your horse, high quality facilities to assure our customers a safe, comfortable overnight stay.


Facilities for your horse: Yards with shelters/trees, shared and exclusive use paddocks. Dressage arena, jumping arena, exclusive  paddocks, horse wash, round yard, large sand arena Dressage arena, jumping arena what do you look for?

Other information: Accommodation and activities for travellers passing through/holidaymakers can be arranged.
Horse lovers  can ask for locate overnight equine camping and boarding throughout.

We understand the importance of boarding your horses at a safe and comfortable stable.

Andalusian Horse Riding can offer overnight accommodation to travelling horses or longer term agistment.


Feed can be arranged for your specific requirements.

Montar a caballo

馬に乗る  .  ata binmekкататься на лошади   .   jazdiť na koni .ride en hest .   ein Pferd reiten .    ngasin një kalë.


একটি ঘোড়া চালনা   .  ձիավարություն ձիမြင်းစီး       .   vozi konja   .   карам кон.   jet na koni骑一匹马    .    騎一匹馬말을 타다.    .    vožnja konjimaride un cavallu   .    ratsastaa hevonenοδηγήστε ένα άλογο    .   menunggang kuda



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