By Carmen Hermosín


Although female participation in Doma vaquera competitions were rarely seen, the visibility of women is now a fact. Andalusian girls such Candela Cruz Casilla  is helping to increase this  trends towards female participation in male dominated arenas.


Candela is only  eight years old and she has been able to achieve success in the most important equestrian arenas in Andalusia. She dominates the art of the vaquera, the traditional Spanish discipline. One of the many Spanish equestrian disciplines at which the Andalusian Horse is the principal protagonist.

Cheval   馬  Pferd  Kôň  лошадь

Kalë  ձին  ঘোড়া  конь  konj  кон  kůň  马  馬  අශ්වයායි  말  hest

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