12th June 2019

Children’s Riding Camps In Spain

Fantastic riding holiday for Children in Spain . By Carmen Hermosín We have some outstanding unaccompanied children’s riding holidays based in Spain. From short to long […]
28th May 2019

Horse rides through Granada natural settings . SPAIN

GRANADA on horseback. Horse rides through  natural settings By Carmen Hermosín. Granada is rich in a variety of landscapes and consistently beautiful scenery. ANDALUSIAN HORSE RIDING […]
26th May 2019

Clinics and tour carriages on grand break and long break. SEVILLE. SPAIN.

  Clinics and tour carriages. SEVILLE. SPAIN. By Carmen Hermosín Carriage Driving is both skilful and fun. We have clinics suitable for all levels of experience. Private lessons […]
20th May 2019


The beautiful village of Herrera in Seville. Spain By Carmen Hermosín. Every Andalucian city, town and village has its own pilgrimages for its patron saint, virgin […]